January 28, 2016
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Varnish Cache Plus 4.1: Update on Supported Platforms

With the forthcoming release of Varnish Cache Plus 4.1, we will be making changes
to our platform support.
In the coming year the list of supported platforms includes:
* Redhat Enterprise Linux 6
* Redhat Enterprise Linux 7
* Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (trusty)
These platforms cover the large majority of the install base of Varnish Plus.
For Varnish Cache Plus (VCP) the platform support will be kept for the lifetime of the
major release, meaning that VCP4.1 will be supported on these platforms until support
for it expires. No support for future platforms is planned.
Future releases of Varnish Cache Plus will be supported on the best-suited platforms at
the time of its release.
Platform support for Varnish Cache Plus 3.0 and Varnish Cache Plus 4.0 is not
influenced at this time.