April 2, 2019
1 min read time

Varnish Quick Start AWS - How to get started video


On this blog we've recently discussed our cloud predictions, and posited that despite the saturation of cloud solutions, various kinds of cloud deployments will nevertheless continue to grow over the course of 2019. We have also previously covered the background of why the cloud meets companies’ changing needs and how flexible cloud solutions can be when and as needed.

Recently, we’ve announced that it’s easier than ever to deploy Varnish 6 on AWS with the Quick Start option. You can be up and running in under an hour with just a few clicks.  

As simple as that sounds, when the time comes to deploy, things might not look quite as simple, which is why we’ve enlisted our new Technical Evangelist, Thijs Feryn, the author of the popular O'Reilly book, Getting Started with Varnish, to show you how you can use Quick Start, as well as explain the possible options with Varnish on AWS.

Thijs also covers the basics of caching and takes you through all the performance-based reasons why you’d want to launch Quick Start to enhance your web performance.

Watch now!