Balance architectural efficiency & network scale: 100Gbit/s video delivery

Hammering home the performance-performance-performance theme again and again, we’ve told the story of caching and protecting your backend many times. We’ve talked a lot about the ways in which Varnish Streaming Server lets you scale up to serve live and VoD streaming content no matter the demand on your platform. But a big part of this story is maximizing the power of the capacity you already have. Ultimately that is what caching is all about: you make copies of content you need to deliver so the copies are delivered, much faster than roundtrips to the backend could achieve while protecting the backend from overload. 

As video takes over the online experience and comprises the majority of internet traffic, managing the sheer volume of traffic and the ballooning size of content libraries becomes more challenging. The theme of optimizing existing architectural capacity could not be more timely. Varnish Streaming Server has been built around the concept of delivering content seamlessly and with the least amount of latency possible, ensuring high-performance content delivery at scale across devices, regardless of demand. But of course, the Varnish obsession with performance extends to architectural efficiency - if you aim for the best possible performance overall, that means you are also aiming to squeeze the most capacity from the servers you have. The answer isn’t just to get more server capacity to manage demand but to get more capacity from your existing servers first of all. 

With the release of Varnish Streaming Server in Varnish 6.0, we started to offer certified 100Gbit video delivery over TLS, providing streaming infrastructure at a faster rate and capacity than the market has previously realized. This 100Gbit/s per server rate can translate into a 10x or even 100x increase in delivery efficiency over current 10Gbit and 1Gbit technology. Optimizing hardware to ensure this scalability ensures that existing architecture delivers more than enough capacity for current and future video streaming needs without having to build onto a data center. As the weight of video content grows, harnessing this efficiency will grow as well. 

Varnish Streaming Server with 100Gbit/s video delivery offers:

    • Certified 100Gbit/s, TLS-based video delivery per server with latest Varnish 6.0 technology
    • 10 to 100x increase in delivery efficiency over current 1Gbit and 10Gbit technology
    • Unprecedented capacity to scale out
  • Optimize your architecture by scaling up your network to hardware ratio

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Topics: video streaming, architectural efficiency, network scale, streaming architecture

9/11/19 3:00 PM by Arianna Aondio

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