September 20, 2018
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Why you should upgrade video streaming infrastructure to 100Gbit


Right now you may invest millions in server hardware to get the capacity you need. The norm is 10Gb per server, and building that out to scale can grow to be not only expensive but more difficult to maintain. Now, with Varnish Streaming Server in Varnish 6.0, you can upgrade your infrastructure to 100Gbit. But what does this mean?

Cost savings, scale and efficiency

While cost savings can be a factor in upgrading to 100Gbit, the true promise of 100Gbit is the tremendous capacity to scale. In this era of exponential growth in streaming traffic, scale - and optimizing hardware to ensure this scalability while eliminating architectural inefficiencies - is key. Streamlining the architecture helps you to ensure you have more than enough with what you already have without having to continue building onto your data center. As an example, if you originally set out to have 400Gb capacity in your data center, and each server is 10Gb, you need 40 servers. With 100Gbit, you would only need 4. Maybe your goal isn’t to get down to 4 servers but rather to 10 or 15 servers - and know that this 1.5TB capacity - enough to serve half of the United States - would more than meet your current and future capacity needs while paring down the infrastructure considerably. Ultimately a less expensive, more efficient and easier-to-maintain solution.

Certified 100Gbit video delivery over TLS

“With this breakthrough, Varnish 6.0 offers certified 100Gbit video delivery over TLS,” our VP of Engineering, Reza Naghibi, shared. “With Varnish Streaming Server, you can upgrade your infrastructure, and we will certify you for 100Gbit video streaming delivery. This is an industry first, and a feature many of our customers are excited about.”

The 100Gbit proposition is part of the latest Varnish Streaming Server offering within Varnish 6.0. It offers a marriage of architectural efficiency and network scale that is an industry-first in video streaming delivery:

  • Certified 100Gbit/sec, TLS-based video delivery per server with latest Varnish 6.0 technology
  • 10 to 100x increase in delivery efficiency over current 1Gbit and 10Gbit technology
  • Unprecedented capacity to scale out
  • Optimize your architecture by paring down hardware infrastructure to more than meet current and future capacity needs

We’d be happy to tell you more about this innovation or discuss how you can solve whatever streaming challenges you face.

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