New case study: Waoo uses Varnish to massively boost streaming capacity & build DIY CDN


When Waoo, a content and fiber broadband provider in Denmark, needed to scale for their massive video content delivery needs and to create their own CDNs that could serve traffic both inside and outside their own network, they looked at Varnish Plus to help deliver fast and reliably.

Customizing Varnish and their own VCL, Waoo stated that they would have needed at least twice their current production capacity; Waoo has also avoided a cost increase of up to 150-200% while greatly improving the performance.

To find out more about the what Waoo wanted to achieved with Varnish Plus and read about their success, download our latest case study.  

Download the case study

Topics: Varnish Plus, web performance, CDNs, DIY CDNs, web caching, Varnish Massive Storage Engine, video streaming, VoD, live streaming capacity, content delivery, video delivery

7/15/16 12:00 PM by Erika Wolfe

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