November 4, 2016
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Video content delivery - as important as the video itself

As marketers, we've been trained and gained experience in creating cross-platform content that will reach and hopefully engage potential users and maybe even, if we're creative enough, go viral. We're using our budgets and creativity to develop multimedia, integrated marketing and advertising campaigns... but do we factor in the technical challenges involved in ensuring the delivery and performance of this content? 

Video marketing done right, even with heavy content

After all, even moderate marketing/communications success, not to mention going viral, comes with possible technical threats. What happens if our content delivery solution doesn't scale and totally fails? Or, as often happens, particularly on mobile and non-desktop device platforms, the lag in delivery ends up frustrating the user and driving them away? This can happen for a lot of reasons, ranging from the network and bandwidth to a badly configured website. It most often happens with heavy video content. But you, as a marketer, can influence the technical drivers that can ensure uptime, throughput and performance in ways you never thought about - ways that make your job easier and will also help many parts of your organization.

Our VP of Marketing, Hildur Smaradottir, recently shared insights on video content delivery and how you can prevent the dreaded video fail moment. Her article for Digital Marketing Magazine, "Beyond Eye-Candy: How to Prevent the Dreaded Video #Fail Moment" looks at the popularity of video and its increasingly importance in marketing efforts. Can marketers afford to ignore the mechanics of high-performance content delivery? 

"If you’ve gone to the trouble of producing engaging, possibly entertaining, conversion-oriented video content, you don’t want to your visitor to leave in frustration after waiting ages for it to load."

Varnish Softare can help you deliver your marketing videos optimally. Read up on Varnish Extend a flexible and powerful content delivery software layer that will help ensure that your end users will enjoy your marketing videos, at optimal speed.

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