October 25, 2016
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Varnish Software & Cedexis partner to offer joint content delivery solution


Companies across industries are facing the need to transform not just to digital but also to adapt to a diverse set of content delivery needs, which are constantly evolving. Our new partner, web traffic optimization experts, Cedexis, have described this evolution of content delivery strategies as moving from delivering content through external provider networks to becoming a more multi-CDN approach, to more do-it-yourself/private solutions or springboards for hybrid content delivery strategies based on the more specific needs of the user.

Varnish Software and Cedexis have formed a partnership to offer content delivery solutions that combine high-performance caching with scalable global traffic management to help companies achieve this. Through this partnership, we hope to open the door to greater reliability and availability, reduced or more manageable costs, flexible deployment scenarios that more explicitly meet individual company needs and, best of all, complete control over content delivery.

Essentially, as content delivery demands change, Varnish Software and Cedexis have you covered with flexible content delivery options, whether you need a hybrid mix of private infrastructure with public CDN, a fully DIY CDN or something more unique. The joint solution, Varnish Extend, is a pre-packaged bundle of the Varnish Plus software suite and cloud-based global traffic management from Cedexis along with a field-tested blueprint, and professional support services.


To find out all about Varnish Extend, how it can help you to extend your content delivery capabilities and control and how to tackle your next-generation content delivery challenges, join our Varnish Software-Cedexis webinar on 16 November, during which you can learn just what these flexible private and hybrid CDN options can offer you.

During our live webinar on November 16, our CTO Per Buer and Cedexis’s Senior Director of Global Services, Jason Turner, will offer practical insight into:

  • deployment scenarios and use cases for Varnish Extend, the bundled offering from Varnish Software and Cedexis
  • content control and flexibility gains of a private CDN leveraging Varnish and Cedexis
  • how the Cedexis Radar bundled with Varnish Extend will ensure that you always deliver content from the fastest server that is closest to your end user
  • the performance & flexibility advantages of using Varnish Extend

We hope you will join us to learn what you need to do to move full speed ahead on building your own content delivery solution. One that meets your needs and those of your customers.

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Photo (c) 2015 Ozzy Delaney used under Creative Commons license.