August 24, 2016
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Cybersecurity threats: Going to battle using Varnish Plus and TLS/SSL

Since the dawn of the computer age, we have lived in both admiration and fear of hackers. The popular TV series, Mr Robot, is a popular culture paean to the hacker culture - which, along with a kind of networked-mayhem theme has long been “inspiring imaginations” (not necessarily a good thing).

In essence, it’s a war out there, and no single security measure, tool, firewall or strategy will protect you from every cyber threat. As the recent 19th annual Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas confirmed: you should be concerned about cybersecurity and adopt vigilance as a watchword.

Varnish Plus can help you combat and manage cyber threats. Our latest white paper delves into the kinds of security threats Varnish Plus can help you manage. Built with security-by-design principles in mind, Varnish Plus offers client-side and backend TLS/SSL transport security, measures for protecting against and managing the threat of DDoS attacks and the flexibility of the Varnish Configuration Language for designing your own security elements.

To learn more, download the white paper and/or get in touch with us.

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