January 16, 2014
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Introducing Varnish Plus

This month we’re launching Varnish Plus. The rationale behind Varnish Plus is to combine all our services and products in one offering, market it under one name. So, when you become our customer, you get access to everything you need in one place.

What does Varnish Plus consist of?

Varnish Plus consist of all our software, in a an easy to use repository. The repository contains the core set of Varnish modules which makes updating to a new version of Varnish a matter of one single command.

Specifically Varnish Plus contains this:

  • Binary versions of all the VMODs we have certified for use - in a convenient software repository Using the Varnish Plus repo upgrading Varnish and the VMODs is a matter of running yum upgrade or apt-get upgrade.
  • Varnish Custom Statistics. Our statistics engine for Varnish capable of tracking both technical performance indicators and business objectives.
  • The Varnish Administration Console. Our web based administration tool for administering a cluster of Varnish servers.
  • The Varnish Hashninja - Our take on surrogate keys. Allows you to build hashes for invalidation based on arbitrary headers.
  • Varnish Cache Plus. Our Plus version of Varnish, contains major and minor improvements on the vanilla Varnish Cache release. As of today the improvements are a proper streaming implementation, full if-modified-since support, more tunables and some new callbacks, which makes it possible to write VMODs such as Hashninja.
  • Architectural advice from our developers and warm, fuzzy feelings.
  • Our support - delivered by our developers.

Who should be using Varnish Plus?

Varnish Plus is aimed at organizations who want to run big Varnish Cache installations in an enterprise setting with high requirements for scalability, reporting and manageability. We aim it at the top 10% of the Varnish users out there, those where Varnish has a mission critical role.

Where does this leave Varnish Cache?

Nothing changes with Varnish Cache. It is still going to be the best cache out there. Varnish Plus adds stuff around Varnish, it does not subtract from Varnish Cache. If we did so PHK would probably kill me.

Can I try it out?

Sure, if you want to give it a spin, sign up here, reply to the follow-up email and we’ll provide you with a trial subscription of all the software included in Varnish Plus.

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