Pinterest on lessons learned with Varnish at our next Varnish summit

We are very proud to announce that Pinterest will be a guest speaker at our upcoming Varnish Summit this year. 

Pinterest has built a Varnish implementation in the AWS ecosystem resilient to autoscaling, and transitioned their entire Varnish fleet from EC2-Classic to EC2-VPC. In addition, Pinterest is rolling out a migration from Varnish 3 to 4. In this session, Jenifer Zinner will share the lessons learned during the migration and will demonstrate how to thrive in a cloud provider ecosystem.

Jen is a Traffic and Site Reliability Engineer at Pinterest, one of the top 20 sites on the web. She does large scale computer performance design, analysis, and tuning, global and http routing. Jen also assists production triage for performance and availability issues, and participates in the primary on-call rotation for the Pinterest's CORE and SRE team.

Learn from Pinterest’s experience with using Varnish and network with Varnish core developers - register for the summit here!

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2/15/16 12:28 PM by Alexandra Lehner

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