March 22, 2021
3 min read time

The importance of the account management team in your success with Varnish Software



The first thing that struck me after starting at Varnish Software earlier this year was that the whole organization, from top to bottom, is customer obsessed. And when I say 'customer obsessed' don’t take it as a cringeworthy term you might see as a token gesture in a company's mission statement. I mean they are literally customer obsessed! From our CEO, to our R&D/developers/support agents/engineers (I include all of these roles together, as some of my colleagues do all of them at the same time!), the intricate knowledge of our customer base, the strength of the relationships, and the desire to support them is unique and impressive.


The fact that Varnish has this culture makes my role as Head of Account Management a little bit easier! My goal is to take this further and for Varnish to provide the most effective account management function in the industry. In real terms, what does that mean for you as one of our customers? It guarantees a knowledgeable and dedicated contact, who will ensure your Varnish deployment is as optimized as possible throughout your Varnish journey but also who sees the bigger picture, and helps your team and organization achieve your business goals for 2021 and beyond. It’s this detail-oriented approach coupled with a big-picture overview that we will use to build a truly collaborative environment and continue to create lasting partnerships.


A good example of this is our new ability to work closer with you if buying from the AWS Marketplace. If you have a new cloud strategy and choose AWS, you can simply navigate to the Varnish Enterprise page on AWS Marketplace, choose what you think you need, and click purchase in the same way you can with the 1200+ other vendors that operate that way. However, Varnish offers a technical solution with the extra level of support and knowledge you need when you’re going through growth or making important changes to your infrastructure. That means that your account manager can work with you to help refine a solution that best suits your requirements and then make you a more tailored offer through the Marketplace that isn’t available just through clicking alone.


It’s not only in cases where you are looking at making major changes that we’d like to talk to you. The Varnish roadmap is fast-moving and packed full of features and upgrades that an account manager is best placed to discuss with you to determine how it fits into your particular solution. I have never come across a tech company that is so collaborative in their roadmap, and every conversation with your account manager is an opportunity to take part, and forms an extension of exciting initiatives, such as the Varnish Customer Advisory Board. 

Over the next few months I’m keen to speak to as many clients as possible to learn about your experiences but also provide you an overview of what we are working to achieve. I look forward to working with you.


If you’re not sure who your Account Manager is, or just want to reach out, use the email below 👇