PrettyLittleThing Increases Server Efficiency by 5 Times with Varnish Enterprise


In the dynamic world of fast fashion, delivering the latest trends to customers worldwide requires a seamless online experience. PrettyLittleThing (PLT), a leading fast-fashion brand, faced the challenge of optimizing their website's caching architecture to enhance speed, scale, and cache efficiency. To overcome these hurdles, PLT turned to Varnish Enterprise, a premium caching and content delivery solution. The move resulted in remarkable success, showcasing a significant improvement in server efficiency and load handling.

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12/12/23 7:27 PM
by Ian Vaughan

Mauve Mailorder's Need for Speed: A Success Story of Efficiency and Control with Varnish Enterprise


Mauve Mailorder Software(Mauve) stands out as a trailblazer in digitizing pharmacies and advancing the online pharmacy mail-order business model. Focused on developing tools, interfaces, and applications for the pharmacy of tomorrow, Mauve faced the imperative need for faster content delivery with reduced load on backend servers, given the unique demands of their primarily pharmacy-based clientele.

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11/14/23 6:56 PM
by Marco Plätzer

The importance of the account management team in your success with Varnish Software


The first thing that struck me after starting at Varnish Software earlier this year was that the whole organization, from top to bottom, is customer obsessed. And when I say 'customer obsessed' don’t take it as a cringeworthy term you might see as a token gesture in a company's mission statement. I mean they are literally customer obsessed! From our CEO, to our R&D/developers/support agents/engineers (I include all of these roles together, as some of my colleagues do all of them at the same time!), the intricate knowledge of our customer base, the strength of the relationships, and the desire to support them is unique and impressive.

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3/22/21 11:05 AM
by Kristian Biggs

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