Join us at the Varnish Summit & Award Ceremony in L.A.

We're pleased to announce that the Varnish Award Ceremony will take place in Los Angeles together with a Varnish Summit!

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Varnish Cache, we invited all Varnish Software customers and Varnish Cache users to nominate their best use caseThe best use cases will be awarded with a special prize and the stories will be presented at the award ceremony by the winners.

Join us at the event to hear about the fantastic ways in which companies have been using Varnish and learn from our core developers about the latest news about and updates on all things Varnish. We will talk about hot topics like how Varnish can be used to build your own content distribution solutions, introduce you to persistence in massive storage and share tips & tricks on how you can debug your Varnish instance.


Who should attend the Varnish Summit?

Does your company rely on its web presence and APIs for business? If so, then the answer is definitely YES - you should attend!

At the summit, you will have the opportunity to network with peers, hear about real-life implementations and gain competitive edge by learning how you can optimize your website for performance and ultimately offer a reliable and smooth user experience.

See you in L.A. in September!


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6/23/16 12:11 PM by Alexandra Lehner

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