Varnish Enterprise on Oracle Cloud Now Available on a Pay as you Go Basis

Varnish Enterprise is now available via Oracle Cloud Marketplace on a pay-as-you-go basis, for accelerating content delivery while protecting web services. A licensing option for US customers, it means you can run Varnish Enterprise on cloud infrastructure and only pay for what you use, keeping costs low as you scale and speed up your web operations.


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Why Varnish Enterprise on Oracle Cloud?

Varnish Enterprise is a powerful, feature-rich reverse proxy and HTTP accelerator that speeds up websites and reduces streaming latency, delivering great web experiences to users, at all times. Offloading content delivery to Varnish Enterprise on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) reduces backend server load so your web business can scale up, protect critical assets and keep costs predictable. The Varnish Enterprise 6 image on OCI is pre-optimized for cloud, with high availability, cache persistence, auto-scaling and more. Varnish Enterprise 6 also includes a persistence layer optimized for storing and caching large volumes of data, such as video-on-demand libraries, putting this content much closer to users for when it’s needed. 


With enterprise-grade features and security including high-speed TLS and cache encryption, all at pay-as-you-go prices, Varnish Enterprise on Oracle Cloud is ideal for businesses looking to expand reach and resilience while lowering costs. As an enterprise cloud that delivers high-performance and next generation performance across its premium service portfolio, Oracle Cloud is the ideal platform for running Varnish Enterprise.

As well as web and streaming acceleration, Varnish Enterprise on OCI unlocks the following  compelling use cases:


Using Varnish as an origin shield to defend against downtime

An origin shield is a caching layer that sits in front of your backend server and prevents requests from flooding it, or even reaching it at all. As a cache, the origin shield handles content requests and delivery itself, with the additional benefit that it can serve content even if your origin or CDN go offline. With unpredictable CDN outages and unforeseen origin downtime a common occurrence, origin shields offer serious resilience and continuity, and provide audiences with an uninterrupted experience. Varnish Enterprise on Oracle Cloud makes this redundancy strategy a cheaper and easier proposition.

See more about origin shielding here.


Building a CDN to deliver better experiences for key customers

The Oracle Cloud Marketplace is the premier platform for one-click deployment of enterprise cloud solutions, and a major enterprise use case for Varnish Enterprise to build a private CDN, with strategically located points of presence (PoPs). A customized CDN means better performance and control over content delivery, particularly for key customers and geographies, and building it in the cloud is more cost effective than building from scratch. Each edge node, spun up on Oracle Cloud, can run a high-capacity, low-latency Varnish Enterprise cache with large file storage, built-in TLS and custom edge logic for device personalization and more. High availability, load balancing and autoscaling features make it easy to reach audiences reliably, handling dynamic demand at higher efficiency and lower cost.

Find out more about the benefits of building a private CDN here.


Trying it out

You can deploy the Varnish Enterprise 6 application suite from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. A complete reference architecture that provides best practices is also available. Varnish Software is also a member of the Oracle Partner Network (OPN).



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9/14/21 10:49 PM by Ian Vaughan

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