Varnish for Academia: School’s out for the summer... but administration never sleeps


School may be out for the summer, but the nature of education is that the seasons are beginning not to matter. Education is changing. How and when people study and learn is fundamentally shifting toward an anytime-anywhere experience that means summer isn’t necessarily summer in the way we remember school vacations and summer breaks. In fact, academic institutions don’t stop just because it’s summer, especially now that they, their offerings and their administration have joined the 365/24/7 digital world.

On many levels, the education sector isn’t that different from other businesses. They need to deliver content reliably, scalably and fast to global audiences and users. They need to continue to scale and improve their infrastructure despite budgetary constraints (the “do more with less” mandate that companies in both the public and private sectors operate under). They need to meet growing user demand.

Solving academia's unique content delivery challenges

To do this, though, there are some unique challenges for the education sector that pertain to regulations, access control and delivering massive amounts of content only to the right/authorized audiences.

To help the academia at all levels meet their requirements and exceed their digital content delivery expectations, Varnish has created a package specifically designed for the education sector, Varnish Plus for Academia.

Are you ready to improve performance throughout your internal networks, your websites, your digital content reliability and also manage the layers of access control you need to administer for ever-increasing amounts of content? Request your Varnish Plus for Academia subscription today!



Photo (c) 2014 by Alan Levine used under Creative Commons license.

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6/28/16 2:00 PM by Erika Wolfe

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