Flexibility in serving access-controlled content: La Nación case study

Media outlets the world over have found themselves grappling with changing technologies, revenue models and audience demands and preferences, which has meant that the ground shifted - and continues to shift - under their feet pretty much constantly.

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17/07/17 13:26
by Sara Gonzalez

Authentication made easy

These days, almost nothing happens online without authentication. It goes without saying that it has become extremely important. Whether you run a very small internal website or a huge e-commerce platform, it’s almost a guarantee that you will have an authentication layer somewhere in your architecture. The reason is simple: you don't want just anyone to be able to change or access the content or your web application layer.

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18/04/17 11:32
by Arianna Aondio

Varnish for Academia: School’s out for the summer... but administration never sleeps


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28/06/16 14:00
by Erika Wolfe

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