Come learn from our engineers at the first Varnish summit of 2017

One of the most exciting parts of welcoming a new year is an entirely new schedule of Varnish Summits. We invite you to start off your year right by joining us for the very first Varnish Summit of 2017. We are returning to London for the first Varnish Summit of the year on 23 February at Skills Matter, the British tech community of engineers and developers.

One of the most exciting recent developments in Varnish Plus is that it's now optimized for mobile content delivery. That means that you can use features such as Edgestash and parallel ESI to power up your edge and make your mobile content lightning fast.

At the summit, our engineers will walk you through how you may use these, and other new Varnish Plus features, to stay ahead of the game and rev up your mobile user experience. You will also learn about our brand-new product, Varnish Extenda flexible, self-assembly content delivery solution. Varnish Extend is powered by the high-performance caching of Varnish Plus and scalable global traffic management of Cedexis. At the event our engineers will demonstrate how you can use Varnish Extend to build your own highly performant private or hybrid CDN.

You will also have the opportunity to join a workshop to explore a particular Varnish Software feature and learn from real-life uses cases how other companies have successfully implemented Varnish. 

Varnish Summit, London is a great opportunity to let us guide you through the technical details and benefits of our solutions so that you may make the best of them. 


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12/6/16 10:01 AM by Alexandra Lehner

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