Summer Job at Varnish Software

Your job will be to help us get the site and all our community resources in shape.  The work you will be part of is going to be available online and will start to be useful to our user community and will be put to use right away.

Varnish Cache is used by over 2 million websites and tens of thousands of developers make use of our community resources.  We plan to release Varnish 5.0 this fall and therefore we need to do a major review on the content on the community website.

Special skills / knowledge we are looking for?

We are looking for a computer science student at bachelor or master level. If you are a lower degree student, but still think that you are the right person for the task, we will also consider your application.  We are looking for someone hungry for knowledge.

What is VCL?
The Varnish Configuration Language (VCL) is the domain-specific language to configure Varnish.  VCL allows you configure Varnish as HTTP accelerator, firewall, DDoS attack defender, load balancer and much more.  We do not expect you to know the technology behind Varnish or VCL.  We will teach you that :)

In what context is VCL used?
Varnish is typically used with a content management system (CMS), web application or web development framework.

Interaction and workplace
You will work as part of our community team (that's together with me), the Varnish core team, developers in various ecosystems (PHP, Symfony, Drupal) and the Varnish Cache user community at large.  You will also work remotely with our colleagues in Paris, London and NYC.

You will be based in our headquarters in Nydalen, Oslo. This is right next to Nydalsdammen, where you can enjoy grilling and bathing after work.

This year, Varnish Software hosts conferences in Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand.  You will have the opportunity to travel to our summer conference in Amsterdam in mid-June.

Internship period
The position is open to be between 8 and 16 weeks long.

Specific tasks
You have two main tasks:

  1. Improve the documentation for web developers who use Varnish
  2. Re-organize the resources available.

General examples of resources that must be re-organized and reviewed:

  • Our VCL Examples
  • Creating Varnish + Wordpress documentation based in existing resources.
  • Making sure that popular snippets are checked and curated by us:

Questions and Applications
Rubén Romero - - @ruben_varnish
Director, Community Engagement

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4/11/16 4:28 PM by Rubén Romero

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