October 2, 2019
2 min read time

3 Emerging Trends We Observed at ANGA COM 2019


Now that the dust has settled on this years Anga Com, it is worth looking at some of the key trends that we saw on the show floor and how they might affect media businesses over the coming year.


End to end solutions remain popular

One of the recurring items we saw across the show was the popularity of having an end to end solution. While an increasing number of media businesses have moved towards using systems integrators to bring together a range of specialist solutions, there is still a definite appetite for the convenience and ease of use provided by a complete solution. While this obviously comes with trade offs in customizability, it still shows that for a great many companies, having an expert that can implement and manage every part of the solution that you need them to is a key business requirement.


Storage is becoming increasingly key

1080p, 4K, 8K… 16K? As things like resolution, color gamut, HDR create increasingly large video files, the need to have a storage solution that doesn’t break the bank is becoming increasingly important. A number of businesses that we spoke to during Anga Com cited the challenges that their ever growing libraries and the increasingly specific demands of their viewers are presenting to their ability to effectively store their content. Consequently, the need for a solution that can effectively store all this content in a way that suits the needs of each provider is paramount.


Delivery speed can make or break a service

With more viewers streaming content online than ever before, a key component of a competitive quality of experience is in delivery speed. Given the amount of choice that’s available to viewers, if a service serves its video slowly or consistently buffers a lot, viewers will simply go and find the content elsewhere - there is no need for them to wait. As a result, a final key trend we recognised at Anga Com was the need for rapid, low latency video delivery. This applies to live streaming as well as On Demand, but it is imperative that as soon as a viewer clicks play, the content begins playing as quickly as possible.


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