Creating A Competitive Edge In The German OTT Market

The German television market is one of the most difficult in the world for new players to break into and for existing businesses to make new movements in.

There are a number of reasons for this, the first major issue being the strength of the public broadcasting industry in Germany. Free TV is still the dominant force throughout the region, meaning that the force of external innovation can be neutered, as it’s difficult to gain a foothold and make significant change.

A second major challenge to services looking to gain a foothold in the space is that the pay-TV space sees Sky as the absolute king, while streaming only services are all crushed under the combined weight of Amazon and Netflix - services so large with budgets so bottomless that they smother anyone else in the streaming arena.

Such direct competition from the dominant market players in such direct competition with each other mean that for any media business to be successful they need to hold a competitive edge that will attract customers - that goes beyond UX flourishes or recommendation gimmicks.


What will not just attract, but retain customers? Blazing fast, ultra low latency delivery that never fails and is always performative. Being able to do this reliably and scalably creates new efficiencies that enable you to drive down cost and become more competitive in how you spend on your service.


At Varnish Software, we understand how to overcome the challenges of creating a flexible, responsive service that enables ultra low latency and incredibly reliable content delivery. Our Streaming Server solution enables you to store and deliver massive amounts of content rapidly and securely, while our DIY CDN solution gives you the ability to build and structure your content delivery in a way that meets your exact specifications. All of this ensures that you’re always able to answer the needs of your viewers, no matter the level of demand.


If you’d like to hear more about how Varnish Software can help you deliver your content quicker, more reliably and with greater flexibility, and how that can help you gain and maintain a competitive edge in an extremely competitive market, book a meeting with us at ANGA COM



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5/28/19 3:00 PM by Jonatan Lindgren

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