February 6, 2018
2 min read time

Tackling the challenges of HTTP streaming: New e-book


The future of streaming - and of the internet itself - is video. We've been saying it repeatedly for a long time, and anecdotally, we see companies and organizations across industries adopting more video and using it in new, creative ways. Video has saturated the landscape. 

With its ubiquity, how is delivering at scale instantly to an unpredictable audience (i.e. how many viewers? What devices? Live? On demand?) possible? 

Flexible streaming solutions: Keeping the flow going

Our new e-book, Tackling the challenges of HTTP streaming, ready for download now, digs into the growth of streaming (live, OTT, VoD) and its commercialization. The e-book looks at the constantly changing technology and common use cases to illustrate how to plan creatively and strategically for the future-oriented streaming solutions, asking and answering the question: How can you ensure that your architecture and strategy align with where streaming is going? 

Plan for the expected… and unexpected flow

Streaming is unpredictable - but meeting the challenges of streaming doesn’t have to be impossible or even completely unpredictable. Those responsible for planning architecture to support streaming are becoming better attuned to the content they are streaming, the demands of the audience and, bottom line, what to be prepared for. And being prepared means knowing what challenges continue to exist - and where to turn to solve them.

Once you have an understanding of your historical and predicted traffic and the kinds of content you will stream, you are ready to dig into some of the challenges that can interrupt your flow, such as:

  • Stream latency
  • Stream reliability
  • Stream resilience
  • Origin/backend protection
  • Scalability even in unexpected traffic floods
  • Integration and flexibility
  • Prefetching/predictive content

The e-book dives into all of these challenges and introduces some of the primary streaming use cases as well as solutions for keeping your streaming flow going.