Tried and tested - NYT values varnishtest as much as we do

Not long ago, the New York Times posted a piece, “Testing Varnish Using Varnishtest”, in their tech blog. The writer explains the challenges of working with legacy code that was not designed for continuous delivery practice and states upfront as an introduction to his work with Varnish: “One of the tougher challenges I faced was learning how to test the systems I inherited, and one of those platforms I inherited was our Varnish stack.” He goes on to explain in more detail why this posed a significant learning curve for him, in part because of Varnish’s own configuration language, VCL. VCL enabled a lot of flexibility, but then he found that he struggled at first with testing the VCL.

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9/12/16 2:00 PM
by Erika Wolfe

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