Put your URLs up, and keep'em where I can see'em: HTTP redirection

In the first part of this blog series, we saw how to rewrite URLs to seamlessly redirect people to where the content actually is. Today we are going to see how Varnish can help you do the same thing NOT seamlessly, using one of the built-in facilities of HTTP.

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12/20/16 3:49 PM
by Guillaume Quintard

Put your URLs up, and keep'em where I can see'em: rewriting URLs with Varnish

Note: this article is the first in a two-part series, you can find the second post here.

Cool urls don't change, it is said. And according to itself, that URL must be pretty cool, because it hasn't changed in 18 years! The gits[1] of it is: "the net is vast and infinite" and people will reference your site so you should be a good citizen and not shuffle resource URLs because we'll get dangling links and dangling links are bad, m'kay?

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12/14/16 1:31 PM
by Guillaume Quintard

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