We’re delighted to reveal that a new version of Varnish Enterprise 6 is now available! The latest iteration of our powerful caching technology, Varnish Enterprise 6.0.6r2 will contain a variety of updates, refinements, fixes and optimizations, but also some exciting new features. 

Let’s start with something truly game changing...

In-process TLS - enabling 150Gbps from a single server

Big, big news. Varnish Enterprise 6 adds native support for client-side TLS, without the use of an external TLS terminator process. In-process TLS enables super low-latency so that content providers can stay ahead of the curve with more than enough capacity for future needs. What does this mean in practice? To put a number on it, Varnish Enterprise running in-process TLS can deliver up to 150 Gbps from a single server.

The existing standalone TLS terminator (Hitch) works very well, and we still recommend using it in most cases. The security benefits to running TLS termination separately do come at a cost of reduced performance, though some would say that getting up to 100Gbps is still pretty good! For media streaming services, who run OpenSSL 1.1 and want to trade process separation for extreme performance, in-process TLS is the answer. 150Gbps is a 50% increase on previous versions, and makes Varnish Enterprise 6 the fastest and most resource efficient content delivery solution available.

Watch the video below with Thijs Feryn, Technical Evangelist, who explains how it works:



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Memory Governor

Another important addition to Varnish Enterprise, Memory Governor automatically scales the cache size to have sufficient memory available for dynamic memory consumers, such as those handling client and backend requests. The cache capacity balloons up and down as needed, automating a key process and continuing the Varnish Software philosophy of efficiency, optimization and performance. In this release, Memory Governor is in a technical preview stage, and so is opt-in.



VMODs are Varnish extensions that add key functionality in easy-to-install components. This latest VMOD adds JWT (JSON Web Token) functionality to Varnish Configuration Language, and makes it possible to create, read and verify these tokens. JWTs are used for securely transmitting information as JSON objects. HMAC and RSA-based signatures are supported.


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