April 21, 2016
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Varnish Software & Skills Matter join forces to share knowledge & ideas

We at Varnish Software are pretty keen on new technologies, experimentation and the sense of learning in and from a community (Varnish Cache, after all, is open source and has a thriving community supporting it). The bigger the community, the more there is to learn and be inspired by.

This background explains why we’re excited to announce our partnership with Skills Matter, a London-based organization founded on the principles of bringing developers together to drive innovation in software engineering. Skills Matter offers opportunities for this constantly growing community of tech minds to learn and share skills, discover new and emerging technologies and evolve practices and ideas. Why wouldn’t we be eager to be a part of Skills Matter’s mission and reach out to its 60,000+ strong membership?

Together, Varnish Software and Skills Matter will do what we each do best: share skills, experience and best practices in mutual interest areas including web and software development, web and API performance, microservices and other progressive technologies.

One way we’re kicking off our partnership is by making use of the Skills Matter venue, Code Node, where we will host our Varnish Summit on May 26. 

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 Photo (c) 2014 Dennis Skley used under Creative Commons license.