October 10, 2016
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3 ways to get your site mobile-ready for holiday shopping


Continuing the theme of getting your e-commerce site ready for Black Friday and the upcoming holiday season, we focused on optimizing your site for mobile shopping. The mobile is becoming the go-to research and decision-making device, and purchases are slowly catching up. Is your site mobile-ready? 

What does "mobile-ready" mean, particularly for content-heavy, rapidly changing e-commerce platforms? If the bottom line is creating a seamless, efficient customer experience, how do you enable it? 

  • Optimize for mobile: Shopping on mobile involves a lot of research, search, saving items for later and shopping cart functionality. Mobile device detection and ensuring your site is responsive/adaptive for mobile is your first step.
  • Optimize performance: If a user is shopping on mobile, performance grows even more important. For example, no customer on any device wants to wait for a page to load; when using mobile data, there can be limitations (or expense) involved, making slow performance even more consequential. 
  • Optimize for purchase: Although most people are using mobile to do their shopping homework today; purchases will become more and more common - meaning you should get your site ship-shape for the entire customer journey, including the final step of pressing "buy" and making the payment. 

To read more about these 3 steps, we invite you to read our recently published article, "Black Friday & holiday shopping: 3 ways to optimize your site for mobile shopping", at SmartBrief.com, which looks at how mobile shopping is booming - and three steps you need to take to ensure that your site is mobile-ready (yes, all the time, but especially during peak shopping periods, like Black Friday and the holiday season). Enable shoppers to skip the mad crowds and enjoy the convenience of holiday shopping on their mobiles - and across devices.

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Photo (c) 2003 Eric Mueller used under Creative Commons license.