June 15, 2017
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Business Benefits Of A Hybrid DIY CDN Approach To Content Delivery


Being ready for anything is a tall order, particularly when it comes to managing the ebb and flow of global internet content delivery. Content delivery networks (CDNs) have long been the go-to for managing internet traffic, but as users demand seamless availability and speed in accessing content from all their devices, one single CDN provider is not always going to be able to guarantee best performance. Like a lot of these things, there are multiple considerations that go into best performance, like geography and the type of content being accessed. With a commercial, third-party CDN, many such key considerations are no longer in your hands.

Business benefits of a hybrid, DIY CDN solution

Dan Rayburn of Streaming Media recently published his observations on the hybrid DIY CDN approach, which aims not just to give those who adopt this kind of solution a number of business benefits but also move these considerations back into your hands, giving you back control over how best your content is delivered. Among the benefits the article outlines: helping you avoid downtime while distributing your risk, taking advantage of performance improvements, taking back flexibility and control - over your content and your costs, and securing your proprietary content.

You can read the full article at the Streaming Media blog. In his piece Dan Rayburn’s specifically mentions Varnish Software’s DIY CDN solution, Varnish Extend. You can also learn more about the technical details of building your own CDN by watching our recent webinar, How to Build a Private CDN

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