December 21, 2016
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CIOReview: Varnish Software in top-20 most promising content delivery solution providers


The content delivery solution market is constantly evolving - in large part to provide CDN users more choice, flexibility and convenience in the way they deliver content, based on their own needs. Even the big players in the market are shifting toward greater agility and meeting users where they are to deliver content on their terms while newer players develop and launch exciting new content delivery solution options.

Recognizing these changes as well as the enduring importance of fundamentals like meeting performance and high availability challenges, CIOReview has named Varnish Software and Varnish Software’s Varnish Extend content delivery solution to its list of this year’s 20 most promising content delivery solution providers.

Varnish Extend is designed to do exactly what its name implies: extend content delivery possibilities and put control of your content and the flexibility to deliver it as you want back into your hands. Together with global web traffic management partner, Cedexis, Varnish Extend allows companies, such as French telecoms and services provider SFR and Tesla, to bring their content delivery in-house with Varnish-powered hybrid or private CDN solutions that match their specific content delivery needs.

Read the full CIOReview piece about Varnish Software’s place in among the best-of-the-best content delivery solutions.

Or if you’re ready to learn more about Varnish Extend and what it can do for you. Watch our on-demand webinar, How to build a private CDN in a matter of hours to get all the details.

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Photo (c) 2016 Paul Downey used under Creative Commons license.