Give peace (of mind) a chance: Be ready for Christmas rush and peak traffic

Black Friday (and the newer but nevertheless popular Cyber Monday) has come and gone for another year - but not without significant hiccups for some unlucky - and possibly unprepared - retailers. Site-busting deals and multi-channel, round-the-clock promotion of these bargains drives more and more shoppers to beat the crowds and shop online. But, as many a dissatisfied shopper complained across social media channels, what is the point of offering exceptional deals that no one can take advantage of?

This year, traditional retailers large and small (some struggling with Black Friday traffic challenges not for the first time!) faced at least some downtime, angering potential customers and driving them to competitors. And retailers were not alone - other service providers offering services online faced outages and interruptions.

Brace your site for traffic jams

Speed bumps and roadblocks happen every year during the holiday season. Some are unpredictable, and some are foreseeable. While there are many different ways sites can buckle under the weight of event-driven traffic volumes, you can prepare yourself for some of the ways traffic can take you down. Varnish is one of these ways.

Varnish Plus is one solution - but for many businesses, a full on-premise Varnish Plus installation would be overkill. We introduced Varnish Plus Cloud specifically to help companies get set up in minutes with Varnish and its performance enhancements and scalability without having to invest too much time or too much effort. And, best of all, in crunch times like the lead-up to the holidays, you can scale up the Varnish cloud infrastructure to handle peak demand and scale back down when traffic returns to normal. The cloud solution makes it easy, flexible and completely yours to control.

You can get started with Varnish Plus Cloud today, and be ready for tomorrow’s peak traffic.

Try Varnish Plus Cloud via AWS

Photo (c) Rodion Kutsaev.

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12/13/16 2:53 PM by Erika Wolfe

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