Finally understanding built-in VCL

VCL or "Varnish Configuration Language" is an absolutely brilliant idea, which I may have said once or twice already, but it can be a bit much to wrap your head around the first time you approach it, and the built-in VCL notion is an extra curveball. So today, we sit down and tackle this.

We'll avoid examples, long descriptions and overly complex details to focus on the high-level and almost philosophical concepts governing the VCL. Let's do this!

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6/3/21 12:26 PM
by Guillaume Quintard

Custom Varnish configuration with Varnish Professional Services

Many companies have quite unique, specific requirements for ensuring that different kinds of content is made available and accessible only to specific users. It stands to reason that there are different kinds of content for different users: employees, contractors, customers/users, vendors. There can be some complexity to ensuring that content access is managed appropriately via appropriate authentication and authorisation processes. This complexity increases when one large company merges with another.

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6/27/17 1:00 PM
by Raj Singh

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