Zipnish: The whys and hows

The days when Varnish has been used strictly for its caching capabilities are long gone, being such a versatile piece of software, its capabilities can be used to tackle more recent challenges.
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7/13/16 1:00 PM
by Marius Magureanu

Varnish and Microservices: Introducing zipnish

Microservices emerged as a pattern some years ago. Initially it was an even fuzzier and more vague pattern than what it is today. One of Varnish Cache’s earliest supporters, Amedia, decided to redesign their infrastructure and went for a microservice pattern. They did something a bit different from what most others have done. They decided to stick Varnish in the middle of their microservices. Instead of having the microservices talk directly to each other they would connect them to Varnish and Varnish would proxy the connections. 

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11/30/15 3:16 PM
by Per Buer

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