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Q&A with PHK: Integrating H/2 Into Varnish Cache

In part II of our interview with Varnish Cache Chief Architect Poul-Henning Kamp, he discusses what is on the drawing board for Varnish 5.0 as well as his thoughts on HTTP2. (Revisit part one of the interview.)

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5/12/16 1:00 PM
by Hildur Smaradottir

Celebrating 10 years of Varnish Cache: Q&A with the Chief Architect

In this first part of two posts, Poul-Henning Kamp looks back on the genesis of Varnish Cache and what makes it what it is today. (Read part two of the PHK discussion here.)

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4/21/16 8:30 AM
by Hildur Smaradottir

Celebrating 10 years of Varnish Cache: Q&A with the man behind the idea

In 2005, VG Nett in Norway reached over 45 million page views every week, half of these on the front page. Twelve servers were needed to handle the requests. Anders Berg, a system administrator at VG, believed that there must be a way to reduce the number of servers needed and to load the pages faster. He wrote a spec on which Varnish Cache, the HTTP web accelerator, is based. 

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2/22/16 12:26 PM
by Hildur Smaradottir

Our own API management survey: The results are in

We recently launched Varnish API Engine version 2.0, and to gain a better understanding of the API management landscape, we tapped into the “wisdom of the crowd”, surveying 96 Varnish Summit participants. We asked how their businesses are using and managing APIs and how well they feel their current API-management solutions to be working.

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11/19/15 8:17 PM
by Hildur Smaradottir

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