Financial API and web services: the performance - security - compliance pyramid


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3/16/20 11:00 AM
by Alexandra Lehner

IoT’s Achilles heel: API call performance

Our CEO, Lars Larsson, recently contributed an article to Internet of Business, about APIs, essentially the glue that binds connected software applications together. His article addresses the Achilles' heel of IoT development: API call performance. While most companies haven't yet experienced a disaster as a result of ignoring API call performance, the horizon looks filled with not-too-distant performance implosions. Now is the time to secure scalable performance and faster-than-needed throughput for API management - not when it is already too late. 

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10/5/16 1:00 PM
by Lars Larsson

One step closer to Varnish automation part 1 - VAC API basics

When managing several Varnish instance(s), keeping the configuration coherent between them can be hard. Monitoring and deploying configuration, restarting the instances in a synchronized fashion requires some knowledge. The Varnish Administration Console (VAC) , provides a full API that helps leveraging once difficult tasks.

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2/18/16 12:00 PM
by Hugo Cruz

API Performance is More Important than You Think

This post was written by Varnish Software's Denis Brækhus and originally published on API.Report on 8 February 2016.

When an API is born, its purpose in life might be very well-defined and the expected usage seem limited. The creators of the API solve a particular problem, and they do it in a good enough way to handle the initial volume of calls. Maybe the API is designed to scale given a certain projected usage increase. At this point, performance does not seem like an important consideration.

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2/15/16 9:30 AM
by Denis Brækhus

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