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3/16/20 11:00 AM
by Alexandra Lehner

GDPR for developers

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a term that’s been bandied about frequently for the last year or so, but few references have targeted developers and devops to illustrate exactly how important these roles are in ensuring GDPR compliance (and avoiding the consequences of non-compliance). The GDPR comes into effect next month (May 2018) meaning that the countdown is on to ensure compliance with what is, in effect, a radical new privacy law (as Harvard Business Review describes it): “which covers any business that processes information about EU residents, will dramatically affect the way data is collected, stored, and used, including for U.S. companies doing business abroad.” HBR also argues that GDPR may mean “the end of what has long been the internet’s grand bargain: the exchange of free or subsidized content for personalized advertising”.

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4/24/18 2:00 PM
by Erika Wolfe

Don’t ‘cache’ out: strengthen cache security & comply with GDPR

As the General Data Protection Regulation comes into force (in May 2018), businesses of all sizes are getting ready in many different ways to achieve compliance. The aim: protect the personal data of individuals in Europe. Whether your company is in Europe or, like most global enterprises, doing business within Europe, you are responsible for ensuring that people’s personal data is handled with care. This takes on different meanings depending on context, but here, we’re talking about protecting data that lives in parts of your IT infrastructure. In this case specifically, the cache. 

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2/8/18 12:30 PM
by Hildur Smaradottir

How to use Varnish to make your cache infrastructure GDPR compliant

All European businesses (and in fact all companies that do business with Europe) have at least one thing in common until May 25, 2018. They are all busting their balls to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when it comes into force at that time. The reason? The consequence of non-compliance can result in a hefty fine worth 4% of the company’s annual revenue. For most businesses, getting such a fine is not a risk worth taking.

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1/11/18 1:00 PM
by Arianna Aondio

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