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Three features that make Varnish ideal for video streaming

Varnish is first and foremost known as an HTTP web accelerator, or an HTTP cache. One question we often get is: “Why should I use Varnish for live video streaming when there are other alternatives out there? What’s the value of Varnish?”

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10/23/19 3:00 PM
by Espen Braastad

Taking Varnish API Engine for a test drive

When we originally launched the Varnish API Engine, we sought performance. We’ve continued to develop our API engine with a focus on continuous improvement as we’ve built Varnish API Engine 2.0. We know performance and scalability are underdeveloped areas in the API management space, both in terms of how API gateways will match the current API volumes and how they they’ll cope with the massive increase in traffic ahead. We took the engine out for a spin under several different conditions, and wrote up our test findings to share upon launch of the latest Varnish API Engine.

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10/12/15 10:02 AM
by Espen Braastad

Blog for a Sysadmin - Monitoring Health in Varnish Cache

At Varnish Software, we like to share tips and tricks and ensure our knowledge is being shared with our readers. In what I hope will become a series under the guise of 'Blog for a Sysadmin', I'd like to take you through the essentials of maintaining your Varnish Cache setup. First up—Monitoring your Varnish Cache setup.

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9/16/14 12:30 PM
by Espen Braastad

10 Varnish Cache mistakes and how to avoid them

1. Caching set cookies

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8/21/14 11:19 AM
by Espen Braastad

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