Enabling education from everywhere

The nature of education has been changing for a long time, enabling students from around the world to access learning from almost any other place in the world thanks to improvements in connectivity tools, conferencing tools and network quality. You could easily graduate from higher education completely via distance. Many people do.


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3/31/20 5:07 PM
by Alexandra Lehner

Back to basics: web caching for performance

Working as we do with web caching as our baseline, we take for granted that everyone knows and understands and takes advantage of the power of caching for web performance.

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10/20/17 1:00 PM
by Erika Wolfe

New e-learning course: more advanced knowledge with Varnish Essentials

One of the greatest conveniences of the modern age is that we can do our shopping, our research, our communications, our planning and organizing, our dating, our keeping-up-with-current-events and our learning - or anything we can imagine - online. If you are already familiar with Varnish Software, you know that Varnish solutions are one component that enables these conveniences. It stands to reason, then, that we would also want to help you advance your knowledge of Varnish with more online goodies. The beauty of this is, you can study in your own time, at your own pace and almost immediately use what you learn.

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8/9/17 2:00 PM
by Raj Singh

Varnish Software Launches E-learning

We know that many of our customers are eager to learn more tips, tricks and how-tos in getting started with Varnish. At the same time, not all customers have the time to start by attending one of our face-to-face training sessions. Wanting to give customers as much support as possible, Varnish Software has decided to go live with our first e-learning course.
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12/5/16 10:35 AM
by Raj Singh

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