Two-Minute Tech Tuesdays - PROXY Protocol

In this week’s episode of Two-Minute Tech Tuesday, we'll talk about the PROXY protocol. The PROXY protocol transports client connection information across multiple proxy servers. It's used by Varnish to facilitate TLS termination. It's not a replacement for HTTP, in fact it operates on a different layer of the network stack, and comes as a preamble that is prepended to request data.


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1/25/22 2:22 PM
by Thijs Feryn

Proxy protocol to get the original client IP identity in Varnish 4.1

HAProxy’s proxy protocol has been supported as part of Varnish 4.1 for a few months now. The proxy protocol's main purpose is to transport client connection information from the originating source requesting the connection. It adds a small header about the origin connection.

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7/12/16 12:30 PM
by Maryam Mehrabian

Scaling Open Source Network Proxy:  Leveraging Hitch for SSL/TLS terminations


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6/2/16 12:30 PM
by Rubén Romero

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