How it's made: Varnish 5.0 and http/2

On September the 15th, the Varnish Cache project released the fifth major version of Varnish, including one of its most anticipated features: HTTP/2 support, so it's time to look in more detail at what that really means for you.

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10/6/16 11:30 AM
by Guillaume Quintard

How to get started with Varnish Cache 5.0 with experimental HTTP/2 support

Varnish Cache 5.0 is now available. In Varnish Cache 5.0 there is experimental support for HTTP/2. By "experimental" we mean that it works, but we haven't had any big production sites on it yet. We are eager for you to use it, test it and get your hands dirty with it and to get your input.
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9/23/16 1:38 PM
by Erika Wolfe

Now available: Varnish Cache 5.0, now with HTTP/2 support

Yesterday the Varnish Cache project released the first version of Varnish Cache 5.0 with experimental HTTP/2 support. We're pretty excited about it, as is the community of Varnish Cache users. Varnish Cache 5.0 features changes to some (mostly) internal APIs and adds new features from Varnish 4.1. These changes include things like separate VCL file and VCL labels, ban lurker efficiency improvements, changes from hit-for-pass to hit-for-miss, among other things. Probably the most anticipated of Varnish Cache 5.0's new features is support for HTTP/2. It's experimental in that it works (test it out!) but is not being used in any big production sites yet.
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9/16/16 3:14 PM
by Erika Wolfe

Scaling Open Source Network Proxy:  Leveraging Hitch for SSL/TLS terminations


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6/2/16 12:30 PM
by Rubén Romero

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