When in doubt, test

I remember very well my first encounter with Varnish. It was this thing with a weird name that worked differently from the tools I had used before. Trying to understand why it was so unfamiliar quickly settled things and Varnish's architecture suddenly became an eye-opener.

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12/31/15 7:00 AM
by Dridi Boukelmoune

Linux vm tunables

There are quite a few tunables in the Linux kernel. Reading the documentation it is clear that quite a few of them could have an impact on how Varnish performs. One that caught my attention is dirty_background_writeback tunable. It allows you to set a limit for how much of the page cache would be dirty, i.e. contain data not yet written to disk, before the kernel will start writing it out.

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11/27/14 5:00 PM
by Per Buer

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