March 5, 2018
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To know Varnish is to love Varnish


People who already know and love Varnish have been singing its praises for a long time. But we’ve seen over the course of the years that there are a lot of people who don’t know Varnish - even those who should, and who would definitely benefit from the content delivery performance boosts Varnish offers.

There’s no time like the present to reach out and introduce ourselves and hopefully help you out with your digital content delivery. All businesses today are digital, and in one way or another, delivering digital content. All companies rely on their websites, apps and online presence (whatever form that takes) to generate and do business.

Enabling some essential and basic stuff is key… and concerns every company and its performance, success, growth and bottom line. How have we made these essentials more accessible and clear to you? We have packaged our offerings into three discrete solutions, which address common content delivery challenges:

  • API and web acceleration. Yep, performance matters, and only keeps getting more important. End-users are rarely patient. They want speed. They won’t tolerate downtime. They want instant, seamless access to increasingly complex, dynamic and personalized content. Varnish delivers all of this with the Varnish API and Web Acceleration solution.
  • Varnish Streaming Server Every kind of organization is streaming content - predominantly video. According to Cisco research, video will represent 82% of all IP traffic in 2021, including consumer and business IP traffic, amounting to a million minutes of video transmitted through networks every second. Nearly 50% of Americans today pay for media-streaming services. What does this ultimately mean? Enabling a streaming infrastructure for seamless, user-friendly live, OTT and video-on-demand isn’t optional now - with large media companies, car makers, healthcare companies, universities and everyone in between adopting video as a major slice of their content delivery. Varnish Streaming Server has been deploying streaming content for leading global companies for years, so shouldn’t we be yelling about it from the rooftops to let everyone out there who needs help getting started with and optimizing their streaming know that there’s an easy and flexible solution right here, right now?
  • Varnish DIY CDN: Closely related to the streaming solutions companies are seeking today, many companies that distribute content to different geographies and already rely on CDNs (usually a commercial option over which they have no direct control) are looking for innovative ways to take back control over their content and how, to where and from where, when and to whom it is delivered while also looking to control costs. Varnish DIY CDN is a straightforward, flexible solution for doing exactly this.

In the coming weeks, we will share more details about each of these solutions, but to get started, we’ve just launched our new website, which gives you a streamlined, clear overview of these solutions, what they can do for you and how Varnish can help.

Ready to get to know Varnish better? Take a look at our new website or get in touch.

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