September 30, 2016
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4 steps to more secure e-shopping: Can e-tailers thwart the cybercrime opportunity?


E-commerce platforms, in preparation for the strain that will hit their sites in the lead-up to holiday shopping and promotions, work hard to ensure uptime and performance. Does this focus take away from their preparedness for the cracks in security that almost inevitably arise during these peak traffic periods?

Overloaded websites and opportunist phishing campaigns are just a few of the problems facing online retailers as they buckle down for the busiest shopping days of the year

The marked increase in online purchasing boosts the possibility to “hijack” e-commerce transactions, particularly during the holidays’ busiest shopping days. Consumers are expecting to receive promotions, making them likelier to click on malicious phishing links. As consumers let their guard down in search of the best deals, they are a lot more susceptible to respond to fake communications from their favorite retailers or chase fake gift card promotions on suspicious download sites and similar scams. The hubbub of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and the creation of “limited supply”, “while stock lasts” creates a sense of urgency and scarcity that lowers people’s risk sensibilities - with the opportunity cost being their online security.

Why security is key for earning shoppers trust

A recent Harvard Business Review article cited data showing that C-suite executives name better cybersecurity as one of their top tech priorities. Despite this, CMOs and CIOs still are not working closely together to take advantage of the opportunity here:

“...marketers and their employers are missing a potentially powerful brand- and business-building opportunity: leveraging online security measures as a way to build trust with shoppers, which will ultimately lead to increased sales. Online security and customer intimacy go hand in hand.”

WIth this in mind, what can e-commerce sites, as they aggressively put on their armor to stay alive and ahead of the game, do to make their site and customers more secure?

4 protective measures for more secure e-shopping

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