Varnish Cache Invalidation with Super Fast Purger

A couple of years ago we introduced the Super Fast Purger (SFP) as an essential feature shipped with the Varnish Administration Console (VAC). You can execute your purge directly against Varnish or against the VAC.

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3/16/16 1:00 PM
by Maryam Mehrabian

Varnish Administration Console just got better!

Today we announce the release of a new version of Varnish Administration Console (VAC), 3.0.3. as part of the our Varnish Plus subscription.

For those of you, who haven't come across the product before, it acts as a single point of control for simultaneous administration of all your Varnish Cache servers. Check out our product page for more information. 


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1/22/15 10:30 AM
by Hugo Cruz

Selenium Grid parallel automation testing for Varnish Administration Console

User acceptance testing is the last phase of the software testing process which evaluates the system functionality with the business requirements and assess whether it is acceptable for delivery. Acceptance tests should be automated so they can be run often. This blog aims to explain how the automated acceptance tests process for Varnish Administration Console (VAC) was formed step-by-step from scratch. We did not have automated testing framework at the beginning and testing was carried out manually based on some test cases. For future development it became crucial for us to write maintainable automated tests for our systems.

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9/30/14 10:30 AM
by Maryam Mehrabian

Using Varnish Tools to visualize your most popular content

We just love it when our customers use our products in innovative ways that really help them create business value. One of the most recent examples of such use is how our customer (Norway’s most popular internet news provider) is using Varnish Tools in combination with D3 to visualize their most popular online content.

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3/7/14 2:00 PM
by Hildur Smaradottir

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