Our own API management survey: The results are in

Posted by Hildur Smaradottir on 19/11/15 21:17

We recently launched Varnish API Engine version 2.0, and to gain a better understanding of the API management landscape, we tapped into the “wisdom of the crowd”, surveying 96 Varnish Summit participants. We asked how their businesses are using and managing APIs and how well they feel their current API-management solutions to be working.

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Topics: IoT, APIs, Varnish API Engine, Performance

French leading e-commerce Player speaks in London

Posted by Alexandra Lehner on 18/11/15 10:08

We're thrilled to announce that CDiscount will share the story of what's behind their website success at the next Varnish Summit in London on 26th November 2016!

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why the great divide? women in tech

Posted by Erika Wolfe on 13/11/15 11:00

It’s a strange juxtaposition – the seemingly contradictory stuff we see in the news about women. On one hand, more women than men (and more women than ever) attend and graduate from university, but on the other, they go into tech fields less frequently and, if they do, are sometimes made to feel unwelcome. We see more stories than ever about inequality and subsequent attempts to enforce equality (whether by requiring corporate boards to appoint an equal number of women or giving both men and women adequate parental leave rights, for example), but where is equality in practice? Well, other than in the new Canadian government cabinet, where the newly elected prime minister, Justin Trudeau, said he appointed 50 percent women because “it’s 2015”.

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Topics: women in tech


Posted by Lars Larsson on 06/11/15 10:28

Last week we saw Cory Johnson of Bloomberg interviewing Akamai’s CEO, Tom Leighton, about the trend toward organizations going in-house with building their own content delivery networks (DIY CDNs). Ultimately this means that companies are taking over a larger part of their traffic themselves.

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Topics: CDNs, DIY CDNs

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