Putting It All Together - Using Varnish Cache to Manage Dynamic CDN Content - Part 3

Posted by Reza Naghibi on 09/02/16 13:00

In the final installment of this series on managing dynamic CDN content, I will illustrate how Varnish Cache puts together the ideas of direct cache invalidation and TTL management to manage dynamic content. (Check out parts one and two of the series to get the whole story.)

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Topics: Varnish Cache, CDNs, TTL management, caching dynamic CDN content

Olympic-Sized Scaling: Big Names Scale Up with Varnish

Posted by Erika Wolfe on 09/02/16 09:00

Every time the Olympic Games take place, the previous event is surpassed by the next in its streaming magnitude and reach.

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Intro to TTL Management - Part 2

Posted by Reza Naghibi on 08/02/16 13:00

In the first part of this series on managing dynamic CDN content, I explained how to use direct cache invalidation for caching dynamic content. In this second part, I’ll address TTL management as a method for meeting the particular challenges presented by dynamic content and CDNs.

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Topics: Varnish Cache, CDN, TTL management, caching, caching dynamic CDN content

Five Steps to Secure Varnish with Hitch and Let's Encrypt

Posted by Denis Brækhus on 04/02/16 20:00


"Let’s Encrypt is a new Certificate Authority: It’s free, automated, and open". Using Let's Encrypt, anyone with ownership of a domain name can acquire a TLS certificate for their own personal use.

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