Varnish API Engine 2.0 launch

Posted by Erika Wolfe on 13/10/15 14:41

We’ve certainly heard the chorus of voices discussing APIs and API management of late. We are convinced, though, that we are singing a solo with our focus on the areas that we think are most important in API management: performance, scalability and stability. These are all crucial elements for implementing a successful API-first approach and API strategy, not to mention critical for the proliferation and maturation of the world of mobile apps and the internet of things (IoT). As essential as performance is, it has not been a priority in developing API management solutions - but failure to perform will not only be a showstopper but may have significant effects on the bottom line.

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Topics: API management, API engine

Taking Varnish API Engine for a test drive

Posted by Espen Braastad on 12/10/15 11:02

When we originally launched the Varnish API Engine, we sought performance. We’ve continued to develop our API engine with a focus on continuous improvement as we’ve built Varnish API Engine 2.0. We know performance and scalability are underdeveloped areas in the API management space, both in terms of how API gateways will match the current API volumes and how they they’ll cope with the massive increase in traffic ahead. We took the engine out for a spin under several different conditions, and wrote up our test findings to share upon launch of the latest Varnish API Engine.

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Topics: API management, API performance, APIs

Meet us in London in November!

Posted by Alexandra Lehner on 12/10/15 10:30

We are excited to announce that Varnish Software will come back to charming London this November for another Varnish Summit!

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Tech evangelist Thijs Feryn speaking at Varnish Summit Amsterdam!

Posted by Alexandra Lehner on 09/10/15 10:01

We are excited to announce that Thijs Feryn from Combell will speak at the Varnish Summit in Amsterdam, on November 5th!

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