Neglecting performance in API management: Highway to the danger zone?

Posted by Erika Wolfe on 06/10/15 18:30

As we’ve prepared to launch the Varnish API Engine, we’ve talked to customers and done a lot of testing, discovering that performance is a critical but often neglected aspect of API management. It’s no secret that API-driven development is starting to run the show in many companies and supplies the backbone of many burgeoning business development ideas. If any of that is going to work, APIs are going to have to scale to deliver on performance expectations.

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Topics: API management, APIs

Varnish High Availability 1.1 is out

Posted by Guillaume Quintard on 06/10/15 12:29

You probably use Varnish already as a way to absorb traffic spikes and let your backends breathe. If you have more traffic, you add more Varnish boxes, the way you are supposed to do. BUT… there are trade-offs to this:

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Advanced cache invalidation applied: Replacing Adobe AEM (CQ5) Dispatcher with Varnish Plus - Part 1

Posted by Rubén Romero on 28/09/15 12:06

Anyone working with a web content management system in an enterprise environment knows caching is key, and one of the big challenges of caching is cache invalidation. Solutions exist – but not all solutions – or problems – are created equally.

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Speedy Acquia

Posted by Per Buer on 22/09/15 12:19

Performance and speed are really an obsession for us here at Varnish Software. And Acquia, our latest partner, is on the same track.

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