Probably the best bug report ever

At Varnish Software, we do our best to make our customers happy, notably with our support function, helping them get the most out of their Varnish Plus installation.

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21/07/16 11:56
by Guillaume Quintard

Bandwidth shaping in Varnish Cache

Varnish Cache will try to write as much of the response headers and body to the client as fast as it can accept it. We do this using writev() to let the kernel handle this for us, instead of tying up a worker thread for it.

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20/07/16 14:18
by Lasse Karstensen

New case study: Waoo uses Varnish to massively boost streaming capacity & build DIY CDN


When Waoo, a content and fiber broadband provider in Denmark, needed to scale for their massive video content delivery needs and to create their own CDNs that could serve traffic both inside and outside their own network, they looked at Varnish Plus to help deliver fast and reliably.

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15/07/16 12:00
by Erika Wolfe

Zipnish: The whys and hows

The days when Varnish has been used strictly for its caching capabilities are long gone, being such a versatile piece of software, its capabilities can be used to tackle more recent challenges.
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13/07/16 13:00
by Marius Magueanu

All things Varnish related

The Varnish blog is where the our team writes about all things related to Varnish Cache and Varnish Software...or simply vents.


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