Network congestion is real: Stop swimming upstream

The proliferation of massive content delivery - especially high-resource content like streaming video - has made network traffic jams quite real, meaning that bandwidth-boosting congestion control technology is always playing catch-up to make sure that end-users never experience the kinds of bottlenecks that damage the user experience. 

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2/26/20 3:08 PM
by Miles Weaver

Varnish and BBR: Lower latency OTT video delivery on congested networks

When delivering video over-the-top (OTT), the internet is the principal highway for distributing this content. However, OTT streaming delivery requires something faster than what the internet offers in terms of how chunks/fragments are supposed to flow. Currently, publicly available wifi hotspots are the preferred networks for video consumption, but poor network infrastructure also leads to unbearable video buffering and latency.

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1/22/20 3:00 PM
by Lucas Guardalben

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