Quickly Modify & Manage Custom Routing Logic with Varnish Controller 5.1


Varnish Controller is our orchestration tool, built to manage Varnish Enterprise architectures of any size. Packed with provisioning, monitoring, and scaling capabilities, Varnish Controller operates on both Varnish clusters and multi-tenant environments. We’re continuing to improve this tool’s performance, flexibility, and ease of use with the latest update, Controller 5.1. Along with a comprehensive series of bug fixes and UI improvement, this update includes several brand new additions to Controller, including a host of new customization options for Traffic Router, the addition of debug headers for RoutingRules, and better graphs on the Controller dashboard.

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3/6/23 8:00 AM
by Frank Garland

Varnish Controller 5.0 Brings CDN Mapping and Multi-tenancy Controls to Your Varnish Setup


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10/18/22 4:46 PM
by Frank Garland

Major new product releases scheduled for the Varnish Summits

Announcement: For the last year we’ve been doing quite a bit of development which we’re finally ready to present. We have three major product updates that we’re about to launch. In the upcoming Summits we’ll be announcing these three updates. 

What are the new products focused on?

I will be personally on hand to deliver the good news at each summit and I hope to be able to speak with you about their potential for your business.
Improvements will be focused around three major areas:

  • Cache reliability
  • Cache size
  • Ease-of-use

We will also talk about the Varnish product roadmap to give you an idea of some of the future plans for Varnish and how they are being designed with customer needs in mind.

Learn from the masters across Europe and the USA

The Varnish Summit series promises to deliver presentations from expert Varnish developers and architects. We will also have use-case presentations users from around the globe so you can engage, learn, and apply your Varnish knowledge. Learn from the masters in France, Germany, Sweden and the USA!


Varnish Summit Paris has exceeded capacity! Already registered? Keep an eye out for you official pass and bring it with you to receive your limited edition Varnish Software gift.

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10/2/14 11:19 AM
by Per Buer

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