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Varnish Cache (6)

Bandwidth shaping in Varnish Cache

Varnish Cache will try to write as much of the response headers and body to the client as fast as it can accept it. We...

Introducing Varnish Professional Services

Varnish Software now offers Professional Services worldwide. You may already be familiar with and be using Varnish,...

10-year Varnish Cache anniversary Q&A with Varnish CTO Per Buer

Insights from Inside Analysis’s “Caching a wave: Varnish CTO Per Buer Q&A”

Varnish Cache and Brotli Compression

Recently I had someone ask me if it's possible to have Varnish Cache support brotli compression. After giving it some...

VarnishCon this week in Amsterdam!

On Friday this week we will be in the heart of Amsterdam to meet the European Varnish user community.