Join us for Varnish Training in Paris this fall

Want to make the most of your Varnish installation? Join us for the opportunity to get the best Varnish training available. The unique thing about our courses are that they are not taught by a trainer, Varnish core developers deliver our courses.
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8/23/16 2:38 PM
by Raj Singh

New case study: Waoo uses Varnish to massively boost streaming capacity & build DIY CDN


When Waoo, a content and fiber broadband provider in Denmark, needed to scale for their massive video content delivery needs and to create their own CDNs that could serve traffic both inside and outside their own network, they looked at Varnish Plus to help deliver fast and reliably.

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7/15/16 12:00 PM
by Erika Wolfe

IT analyst firm Quocirca: IT initiatives save companies money & give green cred

“Going green” is a term that’s finally got some bite to its bark. It’s more than lip service, at last reaching a stage at which making conscientious efforts to reduce one’s carbon footprint is almost as important to businesses’ reputations and bottom lines. Go green to, as Americans would put it anyway, save green.

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5/13/16 1:00 PM
by Erika Wolfe

New case study: e-commerce platform, like most e-commerce platforms, is in a perpetual state of growth. Ensuring this growth requires constant technical improvements to keep boosting performance and stability., a German online fashion clothing mail-order company, which specializes in mail-order fashion for women sized 40 (UK size 16) and up, adopted Varnish Plus as its caching and performance component as it moved to the open-source, PHP-based OXID eShop framework.

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5/6/16 12:00 PM
by Erika Wolfe

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